2023 Microgrants

Find out how we can help you to Shine A Light on Antisemitism


Microgrant application criteria:

  • Organizations applying must have at least one full-time staff person able to dedicate sufficient time to this project.
  • Where possible, we encourage collaboration to maximize the grant impact.
  • Programs or initiatives should be created with the goal of supporting long term, ongoing efforts that address antisemitism and hatred.
  • Programs should address at least one of Shine A Light’s pillars of engagement: Education, Gaming, Partnerships, Policy, and Workplace.
  • Programs should consider implementing one or more aspects of the US National Strategy to Combat Antisemitism.
  • Efforts should seek to uplift and educate. Shine A Light seeks to shine a light on antisemitism as opposed to call out or spotlight antisemites.

Categories of activities for the Shine A Light campaign could include:

  • Coordinating and building common strategies among the Federations and JCRCs to address key challenges and identify opportunities to engage civil society allies in to combat antisemitism and to help people understand modern day antisemitism.
  • Sharing and supporting strategies among organizations of local Jewish, interfaith, or non-religious, organizations who share the mission.
  • Tapping national expertise, resources, and inter-group voices to serve as ambassadors to key organizations such as interfaith places of worship, professional associations, and trade unions.
  • Sharing and utilizing Shine A Light resources.