Fast Facts About
Antisemitism and Jew Hatred

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  • Jews are perceived as the puppet masters controlling all aspects of society including media and finance. This is an antisemitic trope.
  • Jew hatred is a belief system that remains relevant in the 21st century.
  • Jew hatred targets Jews and holds them responsible for societal ills.
  • Jew hatred is not static. It transforms to target individual Jews and the collective Jewish community because of religious beliefs, identity as a people, and the collective identity of the Jewish nation-state.
  • When Israel is demonized, dehumanized, and held to a double standard, that is antisemitism.
  • Criticizing Israel is freedom of speech, saying Israel has no right to exist is antisemitism.
  • Jew hatred exists across the political and ideological spectrum. We must address it wherever it emerges.
  • To ameliorate antisemitism, humanity must make Jew hatred socially unacceptable.
  • Antisemitism did not begin or end with the horrors of the Holocaust.
  • Jew hatred is not solely a Jewish problem. It is a problem for all humanity. When society tolerates hatred against any group of people, it grants a broader license to hate.
  • When Jew hatred emerges, it is the sign of the fraying of democracy. Jew hatred is the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

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